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MEASURING UP TO YOUR AMBITIONS. The ACERO steel building system adapts to the rhythm of your growth. Using this system of upgradable steel structures, your workplace can be expanded as your need for additional space grows into the future.
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WEATHERING THE TEST OF TIME. Our ACERO steel building system can meet your quality standards and your budgets while enabling the erection of durable buildings requiring a low level of maintenance, adapted to both your current and future needs.
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SYNONYMOUS WITH SECURITY. ACERO steel buildings are synonymous with safe storage. ACERO aircraft hangars, for example, are resistant to load combinations and therefore protect your precious investments.
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YOUR BEST INVESTMENT. ACERO steel structures are developed directly in the shop and meet the strictest quality standards. They afford significant savings while fostering conscientious community development.
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The ACERO building system, the benefits of a steel structure at your service.

Steel is a solid choice. It’s an ecological material, resistant but light and allows for large column-free interior spans. The assembly of the steel components is quick and easy, providing unparalleled durability to the building, making it a material of choice.

Our standardized structure and its perfectly integrated components make work site assembly easy without compromising aesthetics or functionality. With the ever-increasing cost of labour, saving time at the work site helps to maximize your investment.

Manufacturing buildings directly in the shop favours an environment specifically designed to optimize results and the quality of work. This offers you the best of both worlds - a durable material of choice and the best quality construction possible.

In addition, at Metal Sartigan, a dedicated project manager will be with you every step of the way, from contract signature right up to the installation of your building, to ensure that your budget and your deadlines are respected.

ACERO… your number one choice for steel buildings!

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