The advantages of our steel buildings

The most durable choice for your building

Métal Sartigan steel buildings are renowned for their incomparable durability thanks to the steel structure and cladding. Non-flammable, strong, and made to withstand the harshest weather, steel is the best material to guarantee your building’s quality and durability through the years with minimal maintenance.

A flexible solution, adapted to your needs

The flexibility of Métal Sartigan’s solutions allows you to perfectly adapt your steel building to your needs, be they retail, industrial, institutional or residential.

Unparalleled energy efficiency

Métal Sartigan steel buildings are designed with robust insulation up to R-28 for walls and R-32 for roofing to withstand the deep cold of Quebec winters. The ceilings are sealed off under the joists and walls, so dust doesn’t accumulate and the heated space is greatly reduced. For you, this means better air quality, greater fire protection, and lower heating costs.

A quickly-delivered high-quality turnkey solution

Métal Sartigan designs turnkey steel buildings, including the cladding, framework, insulation, doors, windows, and a range of complementary accessories. Our rigorous manufacturing process means we can quickly deliver your project and simple building assembly because all components are precision-drilled beforehand.

Best value for money in the business

Métal Sartigan has everything worked out and optimized to offer you a top-quality building at the best price. The pre-drilled components greatly simplify assembly, resulting in savings on labour and accelerating building readiness. The 12-foot column intervals reduces the load per column, the quantity of concrete and the cost of the foundations. By combining quality materials, quick and easy installation, minimal maintenance and incomparable durability, Métal Sartigan steel buildings are the most economical medium and long term solutions.

Building brightness

As our customers will attest, Métal Sartigan building interiors are bright! This is due to the distinctive advantage from the Ultra White coating, exclusive to Métal Sartigan. It guarantees unequaled reflective efficiency.

Acero Commercial / Industrial / Institutional

The ACERO steel building system is the ideal solution for big projects. It is prefabricated in the factory to the highest quality standards for unparalleled durability.

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Stay tuned, a new building system is under construction!