The 3rd edition of the Recognition Evening took place on April 1, 2016. The evening was completely dedicated to our authorized contractors and was held at the Hotel Alt in the Quartier Dix30. The event brought together 12 contractors from the newly named Metal Sartigan Network as well as a few Metal Sartigan employees.


Starting with the presentation of 2015 marketing achievements and the strategies planned for 2016, the day continued with an inspiring conference by Dr. Sylvain Guimond. Next, the guests were invited into the Hotel Alt lounge for a cocktail.


Later in the evening a gourmet dinner was served that ended up being somewhat disturbed. The head waiter let everyone believe that the steaks had been dropped on the ground, much to the dismay of the organizers… going so far as to hand out menus from a local pizzeria to ensure the guests had something to eat. Fortunately, Stéphane Couture eagerly took the floor to announce that it was all only a joke related to April Fool’s Day.


4 trophies were awarded to our proud contractors that distinguished themselves over 2015.

The prize for Advertising Effort was awarded to Beaulieu Construction SM.

The Growth trophy was awarded to Consulrep.

The prize for Manufacturers' Agent of the year was awarded to JHL Aviation Services.

And finally, the trophy for Contractor of the Year was awarded to Tisseur.

Congratulations to all the winners!


For most guests, the evening ended in the lounge with an after dinner drink, with some guests staying out until the early hours of the morning.


It was all in all a wonderful evening that we hope pleased the contractors of the Metal Sartigan Network.