ACERO buildings a solution adapted to your needs

ACERO steel buildings are the most durable and economical choice for big construction projects. Fully customizable, the ACERO system adapts to most architectural elements, materials, and accessories (bridge cranes, jib cranes, awnings, mezzanines, stairs, etc.).

With a column-free span up to 200 feet wide, you can easily add wide openings and optimally configure your building’s interior.

Peerless expertise in the business

To provide you with the highest quality steel building measuring up to your ambitions, Métal Sartigan’s team of experts will guide you through every stage of your project:

  • 1An advisor attentive to your needs helps you define your project and guides you to the best solution.
  • 2We provide a reliable and experienced project manager to ensure the quality of your building’s design and see to it that its manufacture and installation stay within your budget and schedule.
  • 3The architects, engineers and drafters design and optimize your building plan to exceed the highest standards of the National Building Code.
  • 4Our factory workers manufacture your building, meticulously controlling quality every step of the way to guarantee quick and easy assembly.
  • 5Our qualified installers assemble your building precisely and efficiently so that you can take advantage of it as soon as possible.
  • 6The customer service team is easy to reach before, during and after project completion, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

ACERO buildings – technical details


  • Pre-drilled 26-gauge outside steel cladding
  • Pre-drilled galvanized steel girts
  • Steel girders
  • Blown insulation, at least R-32
  • Pre-drilled galvanized steel ceiling girts
  • Pre-drilled and sealed (vapour barrier) 28-gauge ceiling cladding
  • Steel columns


  • Pre-drilled 26-gauge outside steel cladding
  • Pre-drilled galvanized steel girts
  • Wool batt insulation, at least R-20.
  • Thermal break
  • Pre-drilled and sealed (vapour barrier) 28-gauge interior cladding
  • Effective and durable insulation available up to R-28
  • Ventilated attic space

Available geometries

  • Up to 78’ wide
  • Up to 108’ wide
  • Up to 129’ wide
  • Up to 150’ wide
  • Up to 156’ wide
  • Up to 216’ wide
  • Up to 219’ wide